متالورژي سمنان


Unfortunately though, iron ore is much harder to process than other elements such as copper.  The iron ore is first smelted at a high heat to produce a blob of fused stone called a bloom.  The bloom contains the treasure: small pockets of iron that can be extracted using two common tactics.


The two main types of iron are cast-iron and wrought iron.  Cast iron contains as much as 5% carbon, and is consequently very hard and brittle.  It seems to be a good choice for weapons, and possibly for construction when used with steel. 


Wrought iron on the other hand is malleable and easily worked.  It's lack of carbon is what makes it easier to work, and is likely what the colonists will have to use until the processing techniques described in this report are perfected on Arda.


Galvanized iron, however, provides rust resistant coating that could prove very practical for building boat hulls, roofs, and other structures that frequently come in contact with water.  We'll use zinc coating to rustproof the iron, and we would have a great outdoor alternative to steel.  Furthermore, galvanized iron is malleable and workable, allowing the colony to begin shaping it early on, without the benefit of highly advanced tools

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